Artistic night at Opera Gallery: great event entertainment



For the HK Sothebys International Realty ‘Event Series 3/5 – Draw me I’m Colorful’ we decided to put colors in life for an original event entertainment! Bringing together with us fashion designers, creativity and technology, we created a total bespoke experience. Guests were able to fully participate in the fashion and artistic experiences which included live illustrations and photos printed on iPhone cases. The added touch was of course all the magnificent paintings from Chagall, Antonio Segui, Picasso, Bernard Buffet… as we organized the event at the very well-known Opera Gallery. Watch the video here of the corporate VIP event:

Thanks to Andy Ho, guest of honor, who kindly joined even though he was busy preparing Paris fashion week!

Photos by HK Sotheby’s International Realty

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Embark on a VIP experience with Estée Lauder

Paris Art Ltd team created this VIP invitation design for Estée Lauder CRM programme entitled to embark its VIP clients on a wonderful birthday and a bespoke VIP experience.

A VIP experience should always start with a nice invitation…

Designing a card, an invitation, or even a flyer is something not to be missed. All details matter: wording, colors, dimensions, background… It’s far from easy to come with the best solution so we started with different ideas, different background colors so we could end up with several first proposals. For this work we asked our French design team to help find the right lines and ideas. The request from Estée Lauder was to be simple and powerful at the same time.

VIP invitation

VIP invitation

VIP invitation

Then, the choice started to narrow, until we came to the final version designed with the similar pink background and 3 different colors for the gift ribbon: blue, chestnut  and red. The hand of the lady who discovers the surprise remains fine and delicate. We all want to know what’s inside the present! Wait for it…

VIP invitation

VIP invitation

VIP invitation

Our idea of a VIP experience is definitely linked to the most exclusive way to go beyond the scenes and discover a world of surprise, a world full of unexpected sensations. The VIP invitation is only a first step towards the journey of an experience. This journey will last until the gift appears! Indeed: ‘For your birthday month, we invite you for a birthday experience at the counter’. An unusual gift for a non ordinary VIP! We are sorry that we are not allowed to say what is inside but one thing is for sure: ‘Shine bright! Let us celebrate together!’ No regret to have waited. This moment will be THE moment. Well, this is how we see it and we only have one thing to tell you: Happy birthday.


Artistic event with Stanford institute of design


Creative thinking is at the core of d school! A hub for innovators at Stanford, human values are also key of their collaborative approach. Therefore, it was more than a great pleasure organizing artistic activities for this prestigious programme. We came up with bespoke solutions and original artistic event, renewing concepts of calligraphy and drawing on bookmarks, emphasizing the participatory approach. Everyone enjoyed these creative experiences which matched with the d school transformative learning experiences.


In a time when there is hunger for innovation everywhere, d school describes itself as a methodology for innovation that combines creative and analytical approaches, and requires collaboration across disciplines. This process—which has been called design thinking—draws on methods from engineering and design, and combines them with ideas from the arts, tools from the social sciences, and insights from the business world. At Paris Art Ltd, we simply like this prospective and we really enjoyed working on these event entertainment solutions!