Wall painting in Hong Kong

The colorful, fast-paced and advancing energy of Hong Kong’s past and present has been a great source of inspiration to Nicole, one of our talented artists, for this bright wall painting! “What I enjoyed particularly was to provide my own understanding of a city that I truly love. Not only did I enjoy painting my take on the town that I like to call my home, but I also enjoyed the challenges that the mural brought; Tackling a massive size and figuring out which mediums would articulate best – it helped strengthen my artistic understanding and abilities. An overall humbling learning experience.” The painting is located in the office of Meltwater Hong Kong, an agency that focuses on business strategies. Encompassing a space of 19 × 8 feet, the concept of this mural illustration is linked to vibrant Hong Kong.

Wall painting has become a great value these past years for companies, institutions and individuals. It shows particular values while sharing emotions with others. According to each projet, everyone can recognize a certain something they relate to. Besides, it creates the surprise and the will to get to know better a project, a location or the social lifestyle of a city. In the wall painting below, we can easily recognize the colorful and energetic city of Hong Kong. We can also see one of the city great features which is the mix between Eastern and Western people.  Finally it is looking at the past and the present at the same time. On on hand there is a dragon boat sign on the left which illustrates the traditional city and on the other hand, there is a skyscraper in the background that reminds us the modernity of Hong Kong.

Wall painting in Hong Kong


Painting wall at Tartine restaurant, creative solutions!


Check the painting on the pillar at the terrace of  Tartine, a fabulously located restaurant – right in the middle of Central – which offers gourmet slices of bread with the best toppings, that’s why it’s called “tartine”.  The terrace is so enjoyable, as we can appreciate the comfort of home and the pleasure of gathering between friends in a simple yet very stylish place. There’s also another very nice space on the floor below, make sure you don’t miss the food and the artistic entertainments:  Every week there’s music, check it out!

Here you can have a look at the painting wall decoration we did for Tartine, a bespoke experience:


This was before

photo 2

During the process




1934579_1570707366580123_2899401011105628509_n - copie

We really like the logo!