Penhaligon’s delicious fragrances


It’s authentic, British and sophisticated. Just as simple as a Cologne reaching the Perfume standard. The stories of the fragrances are all fascinating. Thus, Iris Prima is transporting us into the English National Ballet, a world of theatre and dance with a citrus freshness mimicking the graceful flight of the prima ballerina as she leaps into the spotlight. But my favorite is Endymion, inspired by tales from Greek mythology. Endymion was the most handsome son of Zeus and was placed into perpetual slumber by the Goddess of the Moon so that she alone could gaze upon him. Endymion is supposed to be a man’s fragrance but at Penhaligon’s all fragrances can be used both by women and men.

The Hong Kong IFC boutique is a must see: all the furnishing are antiques imported directly from Britain. Even the floor, the fire place and the walls have been built using timeworn materials imported from England. A truly unexpected treasure trove full of beauty.

Definitely worth a visit!





Vintage French illustrations from Charles Wong private collection