French journalist Emilie Joulia is the founder behind Paris Art Ltd, a boutique creative consultancy based in Hong Kong also operating in France & Singapore. With an international crowd she conducts made-to-measure projects while keeping an eye at new trends. The team brings a French artistic direction and uses its expertise to organize memorable moments and original strategies.

At the core of Paris Art Ltd is the strong belief that art should be a strong part of our lives. Therefore we use our artistic mind to play, display, decorategive… so it finally makes an impact on our everyday life.

Emilie used to work for France24 TV and for the French Academy magazine where she interviewed many fascinating minds such as Charles Aznavour, Franck Sorbier, Amin Maalouf and other celebrities. She brought a part of this creativity to Hong Kong in 2014 when she embarked on a new adventure. Emilie writes for Inspirelle and for different publishers in France.

Paris Art Ltd supports charity Music for the Growing Mind. The organization creates and manages ‘Schools of Orchestra’ in HK & China, independent communities where children are taught for free to play music.